Sale point

Hey everyone an old, old friend of mine who start the RPG was written in a stroke of a Western Suburb to .play and .sun as in time he was offering a free web space online at flat 5/83 Alma RD ST kilda! –When I was young, I didn’t know what names to come up with

aad6:: Galtothemax — ST Kilda
aaf9:: Studio Gazal — ST Kilda
aaf3:: Western Suburb
aaf9963:: Gazal
ffg5:: Gazal/is

That’s all I remember for now, as in fact the more there was the I think it was his web design page so I started something like that. He likes RPG — Role Playing Game! — Then later on I meet Mick who gave me a web space free for around 12 months starting phpBB version 1 after that I went off as I didn’t have money to pay for it never mind — Which could means the old friend of mine likes a game call never winter!

Hail the tree of…..15 46 59 …..Viet …….16 …….89 …….57 ……..56 ……..58 …….30 ……..54 …….80 Western rows of self-portfolio.

Request appz 25 — Stocking street of a wall holder to invest an in-timer and to display the grams of 56 and 24 moles, as in time once there is a rejoice of………………

EitherSO — Western Suburb, invest street 8
WEPing line — double three, eighty three, invest 21 pointer stock street to hold to and in–turn the acc which is accountant plate 12
Investor to dictate the grams of 56 and 24 rows and 11 4 8 in–TURN the dork of 56, did you know I meet him when I was so, so, young I don’t really know of I only call him never winter “do you mind?” πŸ˜‰

WEping — Ding-ga-ling –dork 8 dork 6 dork 24 dork 55 dork 21 dork 32 dork 56 dork 32 dork 38 dork 56 dork 21 never winter! — Request rows 11 pound 5 Nazi requests’ 54 which one? (something’s or something s’) — Request 59.2 and request 56.6 and request 32.4 and request 59.6 and request 32.6284 folding 51 and thereMORE. My question is how often can you do this if the line’s are 3 neitherSO 4 till 10 rows of wire to order the six position of a RPG and request the lines of rows 11 4 8 and inQUEST the rows of 54 and 82 for a sales point by M&N Supply to dir???????

inner–BOUND! ( I can’t spell this one)

2 thoughts on “Sale point

  1. I like this one ROUND FACE and DORKING 59
    As in time who can requests’ the plural of the star? — Its very hard for me to do these “things” for him as in my mood swing it WEp’s itself into the un-correct grammer or writing the appropite para? — See this is funny but it shares the WEPs by lining itself into orders of 56 and rows of 51 which is an uneven order of pointer to what it be? — I don’t get it


    Request 5953 dork 6 and dork 8
    Request 5531 dork 10 and dork 2
    Request 5563 dork 10 and dork 22 PIME ??

    This is too, way too hard for me to police guard the relationship and to learn these “things” as in fact once I have this stroke feeling how can I talk to him as a learning guard and to destory the PIME of 59 for its to WEP 38!


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