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Home Improvement

I used to watch this on TV with Tim Allen from Santa Claus it was a very good TV show one day I tell you a story about a movie that he made with Jewish as it was so good sorry for today as I just woke up and my gram is normal which is a simple TSK

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Tim Allen High Quality

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  5. F.U.N.D.s

I like this one, do you know why? Errrrrrr….16….88….85….59….47….52….67….99….10100


Its probably this one, I thought it was no TXT that’s all 😦 awwwwww


Jesus Centered Music – Behind The Music (Intensify) – YouTube

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([ In this movie Grant he is Mexican that’s where he found this knife!, ask Jesus he should know.)]


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Mother Mary this is yours
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This this stage i’ts a lot of fun, but please wait until I can work it out also yes it looks like to me it’s double indexing the system correctly :yeeeehahahaha: 😉 GOD bless you 😉

The name Việt Nam (Vietnamese pronunciation: [viə̀t naːm]) is a variation of Nam Việt (Chinese: 南越; pinyin: Nányuè; literally Southern Việt), a name that can be traced back to the Triệu Dynasty of the 2nd century BC.[10] The word Việt originated as a shortened form of Bách Việt (Chinese: 百越; pinyin: Bǎiyuè), a word applied to a group of peoples then living in southern China and Vietnam.[11] The form “Vietnam” (越南) is first recorded in the 16th-century oracular poem Sấm Trạng Trình. The name has also been found on 12 steles carved in the 16th and 17th centuries, including one at Bao Lam Pagoda in Haiphong that dates to 1558.[12]

Between 1804 and 1813, the name was used officially by Emperor Gia Long.[f] It was revived in the early 20th century by Phan Bội Châu‘s History of the Loss of Vietnam, and later by the Vietnamese Nationalist Party.[13] The country was usually called Annam until 1945, when both the imperial government in Huế and the Viet Minh government in Hanoi adopted Việt Nam.[14]

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