2 thoughts on “Words of regert

  1. When to how for,
    the for, the its, the only its, anytime anymore
    what is the real of the real and the real of the real once there is one in there to kow that the fur is? But hey the manner is? The only time is? and the fury is? But then again who will it stock the exporting degree of the still matter, but then again who knows what is the what is if there is no of no. But then again who is the who is once there is no one to know that the infant is? The design in for is? and the spectrum is? — John who is the angle to know that once there is no no then how come I can’t have one to find out that the digital colour by the machine is only? The divs area is, The divsii divs of are of are is? And the door of are of are is? But then again, from the rector of a lar then how come there is no’s no’s of the in so. But they may is only the time to know that John is only John from which I ahve have not born to, but then again who is the who is for the from who and the sums of the into who. But then again what is the math of psychical type to know that the knowing of in put is only input so.

    and suns
    but then m m k of?
    The only time of?
    The dir time of?
    The in so of time of time in time of and time aff of?
    The applicable of ?
    the time of its of?
    Then how come
    The on to
    the dir of on to and the work of on to and the core of the on to and the work of the on so core? But hey John when will we press through the math of the g g h j and g g on h and the g g on t and the g g on k time and time leaps of the g g h time and the g g f v m time and lappy of physics? I need the know of the know of to know the know of and the suns of the now of once there is once there!


    • Develop number 26
      Develop number 5 sendrs and working on
      Develop 1 of
      and 2 of
      and on 2 for of
      and on 2 of 5 of but perhaps in this time of way what is the jOe of to know that the bath is? and the for bath is, John I needs some stuff from the Jupiter to know that once we arrive there are we able to know that the sharer is only a fair stamps of manner 5 which is physics’ of sun glasses before it hire the real fact of 8 8 21 points of score board for eachers and into the nouns of each way as F F is only?>


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