Goverment –=Mistake 84 lolz errr..Hellooooooo

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Messagr opf done..hahaha :p

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    Funimation Entertainment is taking their streaming game to the next level.

    The well-revered company took to CES 2016 to announce its new partnership with Sony to bring a brand new ad-free anime HD streaming service called FunimationNow. Subscribers to this new service will be able to stream from Funimation’s massive library—which includes over 400 simulcast and catalogue shows, like fan favorites Dragon Ball Z and Attack on Titan—in full-HD glory. It will even support Ultra 4K.

    Those looking forward to this new service can expect to get their hands on the redesigned app on iOS, Android, and Kindle early this February. On top of that, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV users will receive a brand new app that allows users to watch their favorite anime on television from any mobile device with the Airplay and Cast features. Windows 10 will also be getting in on the fun with a brand new universal app. Then, in May, the new experience will come to gaming consoles. Everyone is covered!

    Basically, Funimation is attempting to make it incredibly easy for everyone to watch their favorite titles on almost any device—definitely a smart approach.

    “Our partnership with Sony, the very best in this space, will help power the launch of FunimationNow, our next generation of innovation for anime fans,” said Chief Operating Officer of Funimation Mike DuBoise. “We’re now uniquely positioned to deliver new and compelling experiences that will be integrated across multiple screens, platforms, and channels, making it easier for fans to discover, share, and experience extraordinary anime.”

    There’s no word on pricing yet, but you can visit the FunimationNow site for more information. I, for one, am really looking forward to this new venture by the company.

    Will you guys be downloading FunimationNow? What anime will you be watching? Let us know in the comments below.



    • Have you ever watched Dragon Ball (Z) and just thought, man the eternal dragon Shenron looks like a good cuddle buddy? Well…probably not, but Bandai has announced a new plush toy of the wish-granting dragon from the extremely popular manga/anime, currently available for pre-order on the Premium Bandai shop.

      Best of all, you don’t even have to gather all seven Dragon Balls to get your hands on one. The 2-meter long plushy will set you back a whopping $219, and is planned to ship out March 2016.

      shenron-plush-3-12082015-615x461Oh dear this is hard for me to work this one out as in time the overdue amount of something will be lost into something that’s all! PACE 3

      Unfortunately, it appears that you won’t be able to ship this to the States, meaning that the second-hand market might be the best place to nab one. We can only hope that this makes its way West so that those of us who are interested in the adorable toy don’t have to pay even more than the already hefty asking price.

      That price point is certainly a bit off-putting, but it will be a tempting collector’s item to long-time Dragon Ball fans. I only wish it was going to be made available for the holiday season — an excellent 6-foot stocking stuffer. It also seems like the perfect item for Dragon Ball and chill, or maybe Krillin needs to be revived again–sigh.


      This is call CAPs of?

      Again, $200 plus is a lot of cash for a plush toy, but the build quality does appear to be nice. You also have to appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to the look of Shenron; the plushy has the horns, the underbelly’s color, and even the whiskers correct. You can get an even closer look at this item if you are attending the Jump Festa 2016 event on December 19-20, where it will be displayed in the Bandai booth.

      Are you guys planning on grabbing one of these? Let us know in the comments below.



    • Inter course of?


      1. ニセハナマオウカマキリ
        学名 Idolomantis diabolica
      2. 威嚇のポーズ
      3. in..TAKE..carefor
      4. ハーゴン
      5. ハーゴン
      6. シドー

      Ulp ([up tune=1)]

      –Inter course of 9 9 8 4 folding 51 pa plus 12% re???????
      マニアの間ですごい人気だというニセハナマオウカマキリ(学名 Idolomantis diabolica)はラスボスのような井出たちをしていた。


    • Federal Government‎‎
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      As the largest university-based local government training, advisory, and research organization in the United States, the School of Government offers up to 20…
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      • Is this Buddha?

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      • 224955-thumb-full-ax_mausoleoCrystal Buddhas at the Ruriden in Tokyoimagesmain_1200

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        — Sorry guys its hard for me to work this one as I need to collect pieces!

        inkin 10

        my number is? query 56 query 21 query 54 query 8 and solve 1




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        Telep[ort position timer of phases and the conversion of PP56 and PP51 is an in..SOLE? Right? Not sure its just in this way once there is one the diviter of the tele..port is USB 29 and USB 34 in..lay 56 and 34 rows of 82 position 56 and alloy 35 — dotty Quy Cao reverse demo-crat into the ?? — Fomrs — = mẹ as in this way the pointer has no way around the clock to exceed the XMPG funny isn’t it? As in this way once there is 2 and 9 and 56 and 24 it is a provision to support the co.blast to indicate the rums’ of the plural’s and deceive manner of 56 bits and 82 rows of tables and harden the measurement of time before the next hierarchy will solute to be the 3rd degree of the/.

        Questions :- What is your year?
        Question :- What is your return?
        Questions :- What is your ?



      • I don’t like this as I am NOT aware of what to do!

        hierarchy noun
        BrE /ˈhaɪərɑːki/ ; NAmE /ˈhaɪərɑːrki/
        (pl. hierarchies)

        Add to my wordlist
        [countable, uncountable] a system, especially in a society or an organization, in which people are organized into different levels of importance from highest to lowest
        the social/political hierarchy
        She’s quite high up in the management hierarchy.
        [countable + singular or plural verb] the group of people in control of a large organization or institution
        [countable] (formal) a system that ideas or beliefs can be arranged into
        a hierarchy of needs
        Word Origin
        late Middle English: via Old French and medieval Latin from Greek hierarkhia, from hierarkhēs ‘sacred ruler’, from hieros ‘sacred’ + arkhēs ‘ruler’. The earliest sense was ‘system of orders of angels and heavenly beings’; the other senses date from the 17th cent.
        Extra examples
        He joined the party in 1966 and quickly moved up the hierarchy.
        She is above me in the hierarchy.
        There was a clear hierarchy of power in the company.
        There was a range of opinion within the ecclesiastical hierarchy on the issue.
        high up in the party hierarchy
        the rigid class hierarchy of rural society
        At the bottom of the corporate hierarchy are part-time low-paid workers.
        In most large families there is a hierarchy of age, with the older siblings having more status.
        She’s fairly high up in the management hierarchy.
        There is a rigid party hierarchy.
        Why does there need to be such a strict hierarchy within the church?


      • I don’t like it as there’s things I don’t know what to do without knowing what to do does this make ssense? — Triple m 5 6 and inter_-__course subject 59

        Sonority hierarchy
        A sonority hierarchy or sonority scale is a ranking of speech sounds (or phones) by amplitude. For example, if one says the vowel [a], they will produce a much louder sound than if one says the stop [t]. Sonority hierarchies are especially important when analyzing syllable structure; rules about what segments may appear in onsets or codas together, such as SSP, are formulated in terms of the difference of their sonority values. Some languages also have assimilation rules based on sonority hierarchy, for example, the Finnish potential mood, in which a less sonorous segment changes to copy a more sonorous adjacent segment (e.g. -tne- → -nne-).

        Symbolic system phonetics
        cc))((1 — Thunder round 11 — physics conclude area 59 =

        Review 54

        Mass attack 24 revision to support the coordinate


        funds days -= 56 rums of?

        Time wave support co.blast indicate 21 reviews and support co.blast into review situation of desk 25 seeds 11 4 rar and indications of ?


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