Craft 8

Visual impairment base on the ?

8 thoughts on “Craft 8

  1. Sharing the buddhahood to know of the know of, but once we do this what is the tracer to elect the rums of 59 port hell? Its funny isn’t it? But in this time once we share the unity of “ASK” the 81 of?? — The one this works is that once I myself knows what NOT to do then what is the rows of the timer before it trace itsself into the wisdom of a transfer and dotty 5 to ACE the alignment of the mature age and to understand the stock market and to share the tele.bod? (nearly there) its just in this matter of time for me and I and myself to understand this info-noo is the division to support the cast of 86 a and 21 b indexing 12th lines and 51 math of equal-lou and thunder 51 sic of 94 indexing 51 joints and 84 sole trader to position of absolute and in__-ing aap6 and aap1 . bod cast 84 rows of 92 ???


    • In case of an emergency this is all I know is that SOS me to indciate the religion and to convert the execution of the sizes once it matters the % of a true base lover and to ort the design and to ink the system of 92bits and 51 of a byte and 94 of a pos-ta and inking 12 moon!

      In this way what do you have to say? Once you know the area of the skull? And to and from the????????????–Finish I hope you guys enjoy this movie as in time I have seen it when I was just a kid living with my mum πŸ˜‰

      in.Say only


      • Last resort I forgot to add this one have I done so?

        As in a matter of time once I know of know then the siblaling is a tracer to funds the e-turn by VCAT to align the store and to in..CAKE my the art πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ wink:


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