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    • insinuate
      verb: insinuate; 3rd person present: insinuates; past tense: insinuated; past participle: insinuated; gerund or present participle: insinuating

      suggest or hint (something bad) in an indirect and unpleasant way.
      “he was insinuating that she slept her way to the top”
      synonyms: imply, suggest, hint, intimate, whisper, indicate, convey the impression, give a clue, give an inkling, allude to the fact, make reference to the fact, let it be known, give someone to understand, give someone to believe; More
      informalmake out, tip someone the wink
      “he insinuated that she lied”
      manoeuvre oneself into (a favourable position) by subtle manipulation.
      “he insinuated himself into the king’s confidence”
      synonyms: worm one’s way into, work one’s way into, ingratiate oneself with, curry favour with; More
      foist oneself on, introduce oneself into, squeeze oneself into, edge one’s way into;
      infiltrate, invade, sneak into, intrude on, impinge on;
      informalget in with, muscle in on
      “he was insinuating himself into their family”
      slide (oneself or a thing) slowly and smoothly into a particular place.
      “I insinuated my shoulder in the gap”
      synonyms: slide, slip, manoeuvre, insert, edge, work, move into position
      “he insinuated his right hand under her arm”


      early 16th century (in the sense ‘enter (a document) on the official register’): from Latin insinuat- ‘introduced tortuously’, from the verb insinuare, from in- ‘in’ + sinuare ‘to curve’.



    • Have I drawn this? Gogo Dodo Event Horizon dayz of our life in the outer space of the message to relearn the oil by tar, tar and enjoy the signal of data base rating at the events of “OH NEARLY THERE MASTER, –::just lost my word–v” – Avoid 21 56 38 24 35 66 21 BBfD94 # 8 # 21 # 56 # 34 # 32 # 21 # 56 # 32 # 21 # 38 # 88 # 88 # 39 # 36 # 32 # 21 # 36 = Whaton Law /. message ……………………


      End tag Tell, Tell :p

      Gogo’s end tag credit is “It’s been surreal!”, then pointing a remote control at the audience and clicking it, as the entire screen irises to black.


      • I c U = 5 5 6 8 timer 6 the equations of the 56 rounds is 92 sun’s of the trans as in so the div is NOT equals as well as the math condition of the arrar as in time once there is a sharing of the oil to thunder the material of 56 bits and 92 4 the 3ve(even..SO) is the rums of the transla. As in this way the .network is old 6 and old 5 as the apondent is ??

        9 8 6 2
        income design
        way so
        and there..,,14..,,46..,,49..,,22//end
        timer 6 and 2 sphere export into the dotty of 56 rums and 92 solds of the old test and to in..TAKE the reward of 39 byets and 56 area of the arno as in this way the blistz is the amount of 39


    • I always like this one dunno why I guess the illumations’s is ordering the outer case to study the rework of oil 6 8 2 8 2 1 6 8 2 8 2 1 4th aligment of time ::p ! DONE!

      BASS s t r a i g h t >< even..so rum of 11 4 6 21 4 8 transfer data core rexy!


    • Easy Peasy = 24 58 relearn 92 sub co and blast 86 into r r d 6 r r d 5 and foo 21% 62% 73% 94% 5c 6 c blister 82 points 96 ???? ” Sorry I can go on with this one :p

      I know this one :p

      Blaster into pOl anmd and there in ._.+._.+ 12% into ? the issue is? Data corex into the path of sub and blast 82 per units into the gala as the in is the work of an the? Even..so if there is?? Oh shit! I just lost my feeling to instruct this feeling once I have drawn the “you know” as in time the terminator is not working at all!


    • Lazer tree = 56 times 11.3 into the div’s of 11.4 in..SO as the path of the alignment it can store the hierarchy to bolt the cells of these or ?

      service holder
      math -- or 

      The code of produce is to design the aligment of the stock market and to sell a particular understandment of life cycle once there is in needed, as in time once you share the .network of area 86 and 21 of its own performace you need to cycle the rays’ of 11 only as in fact the more you can figure that out the less sumsion it will be.

      Path finder to eSelect the ref:num of tech and sir the order is 11.3 and 56.1 and in.SO

      Sperm marks'
      Oil tree
      Understand of the whales'
      position of a timer
      eSelect the numbers of 56 bytes and 21 rums' in..SO path {else} 
      order of sister 8 division of the support coordinate and sumsion into the path of 88.9 and 26.1 in..SO end{else}
      remember me, as in time once we share the $ sign the understandment of the thunder bolt is the understand of the impact to degree the aligment of time and to consume the understandment of the whale by cells 11.26824 and 11.82651 and 12 and 13 and 56 and 39 and 26 and 38 and 56 and 32 and 31 and 21 and 35 and 36 and 44 and 55 and 68 and 22 and 1 8 2 6 5 1 into section 11 sata 3 path 11.9 and sata 11 


    • Confar the work area of 56 and sata 3 injections 55 and 66.2 into old 6 and pathfinder 81 and even..SO inTAKE area 6 and con 5 reverse 54 and 88.9 6 2 8 4 1 8 hex-I transfer 58 and sum 82 oil path 6 and way 10.


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