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Where was the 1958 version of the blob filmed?
Filmed in and around Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the primary photography took place at Valley Forge Studios. Several scenes were filmed in the towns of Chester Springs, Downingtown, Phoenixville and Royersford, including the basement of a local restaurant named Chef’s.

PDF:: Nine round >><< Binary large objectThe Blob (a.k.a. The Molten Meteor) is an independently made, 1958 De Luxe color, American horror/science fiction film directed by Irvin Yeaworth. In the style of American International Pictures, Paramount Pictures released the film as a double feature with I Married a Monster from Outer Space.

The film stars a 27-year-old Steve McQueen in his debut leading role as a teenager, and Aneta Corsaut, as his co-star. The plot depicts a growing corrosive alien amoeba that crashes from outer space in ameteorite and engulfs and dissolves citizens in the small community of Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The origin of The Blob is never identified, and the film ends with a question mark.

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The Blob

What was the blob made of in 1958?
The Blob was created with a modified weather balloon in the early shots, and in the later shots with colored silicone gel. The last time Steve McQueen was billed as “Steven”. Steve McQueen was offered $2,500 or 10% of the profits.

BlobFest Double Features Announced!

The folks at the Colonial Theatre and BlobFest have announced the two films that will form the second part of the two double features with The Blob that will be screening during BlobFest on July 13 and 14th. The Saturday afternoon double feature co-bill will be the 1951 classic The Day The Earth Stood Still while the second film on Saturday night’s Double Creature Feature will beCaltiki The Immortal Monster. The Day The Earth Stood Still is a favorite and Caltiki makes a great compliment to The Blob. Either way, you can’t loose. In case you’re unfamiliar with either film, here are their trailers.


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    • Wes Shank__________________
      Wes2 So, if you’ve taken the Blob Tour, by now you’re asking, “Who is this Wes Shank, anyway? And why do I care what he says?”
      Well, quite simply, Wes Shank is the The Caretaker of The Blob.
      We first met Wes at the BlobFest 2001 and, although he was quite busy, we had some time to talk with him and his wife. They were able to direct us to many of the locations used in the movie.
      Wes brought his “foster child” (and other souvenirs from the movie) to the BlobFest, and we were able to take this picture.
      Wes1During a quiet moment I asked Wes, and was actually allowed to touch The Blob. Most people (and I was one of them) believe the prop to be quite soft like Jello. Actually it was very firm. Wes explained that when they needed it to “perform” it was heated with lights to make it more pliable. It was placed on miniature sets with a camera set on one end. When The Blob needed to move towards, the camera, the set was tipped forward, when The Blob needed to move away from the camera, the set was tipped backwards. The Blob itself is made of silicone and was originally clear, just like The Blob in the movie before it ate the old man.

      Tony’s Car__________________
      car2nowWhere would a teen movie be without cars? Tony (Robert Fields), “Mooch” (James Bonnet), and Al (Anthony Franke) are seen several times cruising around town, helping Steve, and eventually helping retrieve the fire extinguishers from the school–always in Tony’s hot rod, a 1940 Ford coupe.
      Part of BlobFest 2002 included a classic car show. The focal point of the show was Tony’s car.

      Smile1Many locals were used in the making of The Blob. However, director Yeaworth was severely criticized for his lack of control over the extras. Case in point…
      This classic scene shows the moviegoers running out of the theater after the Blob ate the projectionist and started oozing into the main theater area. If you look, you’ll see that most of the extras were really enjoying themselves, as indicated by the huge smiles on their faces.
      Pay particular attention to the couple at the center of the picture. The woman in the pink dress and the man in the white shirt are running off to the left.
      Smile2This next picture appears in the movie just a few seconds afterward.
      The same couple is exiting the theater and now running off to the right. But they’re still obviously having a good time.
      Many of the extras used in this scene were from St. Pius X in Pottstown and Phoenixville High School.


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