TAC –/.:;.\\-= TORK 8


I just had a dream a really good dream

be safe, feel safe, drive safe, – Tork 8 TAC

I was in a deep ocean of planet earth there was magic mushroom to hide from an enemy as one was keep looking for me the smaller I get the rougher he will be to detect me as soon as he get the slower it store the messier it will stock the brain vein. Be safe, feel safe, drive safe

Later on I had a vision at flat 5/83 Alma RD St Kilda there was half a roof that was broken then it got repaired Garry was in my dream I just had a hug on a couch and spoke at safety to protect the GEM! Then I woke up, what a lfe work 😉 — I saw Garry clearly in my dream, I wish your may comes true — this is call a WET dream the harder it gets the more (physic-kick sorry can’t spell this one) it will be. I saw the next door neighbor but in way this dream was so beautiful as there was rocks of decimal in your brain to tell a story about the impact of your degree before you can dream of a lfe cycle in this way there was rocks to grow and path to find and to destroy your brain impact to work to physic-kick by psychiatric.

Leading Men: A Sexy Spotlight on Our All-Time Favorite……………..



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