Everything but the girl

I used to have this Album back at flat 5/83 Alma RD when I was 17,18 years old around there it was an Philippine guy who introduce me to LSD then later on I had a vision I though that flat 5/83 was on fire I saw a Tiger! — I don’t remember his name its starts with “L” this was during a period when I broke up with Garry then I meet Jason who gave me $40 as I as so, so poor living in a street starts with R which is close to Alma RD with Jamie. Ah well the pass is the pass but this is my fav Album. — Next time I’ll tell you a strory about this one when I go to Chapel Street to Alma RD you will love this as &? or ?& Grant Eaton

3 thoughts on “Everything but the girl

  1. This was at flat 5/83 Alma RD I was so young, didn’t Telstra had broadband back in the old dayz? I still have my old HDD some I threw in the bin at 11 Thana Street ah well….I love art! You?



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