How to Improve the Social Metrics that Actually Matter

  1. 1. + TITLE OF YOUR PRESO Make a copy of this file. Then Delete this line 😉 Erica Moss Community Manager #SocialMetrics Andrew Caravella Vice President of Marketing How to Improve the Social Metrics That Actually Matter
  2. 2. Webinar Agenda The State of Social Media & Customer Trends The Changing Expectations from Consumers Examples of Brands Doing Social Well How to Identify & Improve Key Social Metrics Tools & Analytics Tips to Get Started
  3. 3. + The Current State of Social Marketing: How Customers View Social Media #SocialMetrics
  4. 4. + 32% increase in messages sent from customers to brands that require response. The Sprout Social Index Q4 2015 #SocialMetrics
  5. 5. + 42% of customers who reach out to brands on social media expect a response within 60 minutes. Convince & Convert #SocialMetrics
  6. 6. + The Current State of Social Marketing: How Brands Are Keeping Up #SocialMetrics
  7. 7. + 8 in 9 of the messages sent to brands that require a response go unanswered within the first 72 hours. The Sprout Social Index Q4 2015 #SocialMetrics
  8. 8. + 4x as many promotional messages are sent from brands as opposed to replies to inbound messages. The Sprout Social Index Q4 2015 #SocialMetrics
  9. 9. + The Shift in Social KPIs Audience Growth Likes Promotional Messages Engagement Rate Shares Response rate/time #SocialMetrics
  10. 10. + Use Customer Data to Improve KPIs Demographic Time & Date Content #SocialMetrics
  11. 11. + Demographics & Targeting Understand who your audience is to target and optimize distribution for shares. #SocialMetrics
  12. 12. +#SocialMetrics
  13. 13. + Questions to Consider: Audience Variance by Network: Each network caters to a different audience, how are you shifting your content? Location of Your Audience: Are your followers really who and where you think they are? #SocialMetrics
  14. 14. + Timing & Targeting Focus your posts during times that your audience is engaged and interactive. #SocialMetrics
  15. 15. +#SocialMetrics
  16. 16. + Community Events: What outside events or conferences are starting conversations? Audience Engagement: When is your audience reaching out for information? Time of Share: When is your audience actively sharing your content? Questions to Consider: #SocialMetrics
  17. 17. + Relevant Content Determine which content is performing best to adjust your strategy accordingly. #SocialMetrics
  18. 18. +#SocialMetrics
  19. 19. + Interests of My Community: What is our audience talking about and how can we join the conversation? Hashtags Being Used in Conversations: What outside trending topics resonate with my audience? Topics Frequently Mentioned: What is my audience interested in when they reach out to me? Questions to Consider: #SocialMetrics
  20. 20. + The Value of the Audit The Pulse Check Brand Perception Consider how the brand is perceived on social Optimize Social Posts THE SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT See what’s working and what can be improved Align posts to your goals & audience #SocialMetrics
  21. 21. + Templates #SocialMetrics
  22. 22. + Format & Style #SocialMetrics
  23. 23. + How do you interact with other brands? Questions to Consider Are the cover photos & profile pictures current? 1 2 Are the images on-brand & optimized? 3 #SocialMetrics
  24. 24. + +18% +150% #SocialMetrics Source: Adweek
  25. 25. +#SocialMetrics Source: eMarketer
  26. 26. + Brands Doing it Right #SocialMetrics
  27. 27. +#SocialMetrics
  28. 28. +#SocialMetrics
  29. 29. +#SocialMetrics
  30. 30. +#SocialMetrics
  31. 31. +#SocialMetrics
  32. 32. +#SocialMetrics
  33. 33. + Analytics & Tracking #SocialMetrics
  34. 34. +#SocialMetrics Source: Salesforce
  35. 35. +#SocialMetrics Source: Salesforce
  36. 36. +#SocialMetrics Analytics Dashboard: Facebook
  37. 37. Analytics Dashboard: Twitter #SocialMetrics +
  38. 38. #SocialMetrics + Analytics Dashboard: LinkedIn
  39. 39. Sprout Social + Bitly #SocialMetrics +
  40. 40. Bitly #SocialMetrics +
  41. 41. THANK YOU #SocialMetrics WANT MORE? Get an eBook of 30+ marketing analytics tools! Try Sprout Social Free

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