Num 69 port bin to follow


AutoBinarySignals is making serious waves…

Despite all of this, I wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance of joining the world’s #1 selling binary software for 3 reasons:

  1. I have been burnt more times than a fireman…
  2. I was bad luck when it came to binary…
  3. I didn’t have much capital to invest…

But since it was and still is the hottest and best-selling Binary software on the planet, I thought I’d get in touch with Roger to make a few inquiries.

Here’s my mini-diary of what happened…

Mar 6th – Enquired About AutoBinarySignals

After shooting the AutoBinarySignals team a quick email about their service, I received an almost instant reply within 25 minutes.

They explained not only how and why the product works but how to maximize my investment, protect myself from losing money, how to receive a stress free instant refund should I have second thoughts and, most importantly, how I could make it work for my personal financial situation!

Mar 7th – Welcome To AutoBinarySignals!

I purchased a copy at roughly 9am EST and less than 40 minutes later, I received a call from a very friendly support team member who ran me through the basics and welcomed me on board.

After spending less than 15 minutes in the exclusive Members Area, I was blown away!

It was so simple to use and if I was unsure about anything, they had FAQs and up to date videos showing me everything I needed to know.

I began trading at 11:02am and by 11:37am, I had banked in $421 profit! I had made enough money to cover my expenses for my license and then some!

Mar 10th- I Fired My Broker

Previously I had been working with a less than transparent broker. Their payout profile wasn’t the best and that skimmed off too much of my winning profits! And the “winning” system offered by the same broker was giving me an “fantastic” 60% average win rate!

So I requested a phone call and before I knew it, I’d learned everything a rookie trader needed to know about how and why certain brokers make their clients’ life difficult. I also understood that a consistently high win rate is the only way generate a consistently higher profit regardless of what the brokers’ payout rates are!

AutoBinarySignals team then gave me the inside scoop on the best brokers around…all tailor-made for my trade style and account size of course. And I discovered their 80% guaranteed MINIMUM win rate…which meant an average win rate that is far higher than 80%!!

I fired my broker immediately and changed horses – midstream or not! And I immediately noticed the difference with no trade latency and no extra commissions being scalped from MY profits.

There you go, the story of my binary life! 3 working days was all it took for me to be completely won over by AutoBinarySignals transparency, ease of use and, most importantly, its profitability!

I strongly recommend that you check them out.

Sign up now before places become limited,

All the Best,

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