32 thoughts on “Egg in a basket

    • ___________Neatly___________
      This bombastic New Punk track was written and produced by British alternative dance musician Maya Arulpragasam, who records under the name of M.I.A. The song was created in collaboration with her production partners Diplo and Switch, and American indie rock guitarist John Hill. Igor Cavalera, once of Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura, played the drums. A blog for Diplo’s Mad Decent label declared: “It was a royal mess of all our good buds- Switch, John Hill, and Diplo plus Iggor Cavalera (1/2 Mixhell, ex-Sepultura)! All those dudes in a room, a generous sample of Suicide, sick sick drumming from Iggor (and here’s another tidbit for u – it was recorded on POPO’s s–tty ass drumset at the mausoleum!) – and you got it.”
      This samples “Ghost Rider,” which is a 1977 song by the synthpunk band Suicide. The Suicide song itself was named after the Ghost Rider Marvel antihero comics.
      A short film featuring the song, which doubles as its music video, was directed by Frenchman Romain Gavras, the son of film director Costa-Gavras whose credits include Z and Missing. The nine-minute epic features nudity, graphic violence and a plot where red-haired teenagers are rounded up into an armour-protected van, driven to the desert, treated brutally, and forced to run across a live minefield. Unsurprisingly it has proved controversial and although the clip initially appeared on YouTube, it was later hidden by the site’s staff after enough viewers flagged the clip for objectionable content.
      During the course of events a child is shown shot through the head. 12-year-old Ian Hamrick, who played the redheaded adolescent, told TMZ he was aware of the gruesome storyline, but he felt it made a powerful statement. “I think she was trying to show violence to end violence,” Hamrick told the site. “The video is definitely not for kids – I haven’t even seen the full video myself – but for all the adults and people in different countries who are doing that in real life… doing the genocides to whatever: Italians, Africans, wherever it’s from, it’s still genocide. So it’s showing violence to end violence.”


      • Hey every one please wait for my mum one as its 9% 373 minutes remaining. Also in this way it’s from the YouTube.

        Finish I’ll explain this one just hold for it, but you can do whatever you like though I don’t mind, have funs guys and girls I hope you like it as YES I know its hard work to do stuff and other stuff so there you go ;wink; ;wink;. My mum one is 20% 329 minutes remaining on YouTube


    • Ok everyone it’s very hard for this one as its actually with a weak signal as in time there will be more in realtion to .NET and funds of elements into a point of investment, if there no-more or no-less then that’s what “there you goes meanss.” As in time I need to work out how to

      parent >.
      tab,tab child >.
      tab,tab,tab, selector >.

      As in time we will win this one, but its very hard mate, very hard so all of us have to wait for this one even though some of my video clips on YouTube has not been uploaded as yet don’t worry about those one, just wait for them as it’s part of all of us.

      parent >.
      child>.child>.Well done

      This is a family tReE parent >. child for CSS3.9 and also XHTM6 one of ;wink; ;wink; it is part of ASCii

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    • Did you know I just took drugs ar parent >. child >. at home I'm off my boobs. So for some rr child >. reason I can't work as it's going to start to look a bit confusing. But any way in time I will work this one out as there is no needed to invest the deformation of CSs9 as each child has a different mark, if this happen and once it had been granted who will it be?

      I'm off to bed soon mate sooner or later I'm going to work a bit later as overtime this will either or sharing not unemployment rates of sister >. blue >. hex decimals and in time it may include the importing degree to !important! <- Please wait for this one, also my mum's one is 72% 113 minutes to YouTube.


    • I think it’s a double sentence to line itself OT which may be Occupation Therapy an and by coding product’s services to fee into the maths and sem’s of sintos to share into the networking of 1 and seven eight four, if this is NOT happening then in return there is no needed to investigate into a pollution of AMP1 and also by an insurance once it mark correctly, as in time there is no needed to invest into the “WhAt?” as in return the needed, needs to invest into the stock market and sharing exporting of AMU and also D29 5 8 for the 5th round of even the order of mark’s and encode the exporting degree of manuscript by either javis or jubilant which may means this

      Service fee
      Please wait for the Sony version as it's for my dad
      Take care of
      Make a wish
      Sector 78 timer code into hex decimals and con-share the mark's of javis   

      I think some part is going to win, remember though win, win, lose, lose, and try.


  1. I’ll write something either or not about this, it’s up to you so for now my mum’s one is 29% 294 minutes remaining in this way there is……………………….

    E:\desination\port-out-game\substitue\we-won-point2\gram\sister-siter\New folder\manly02.mp4 –> /public_html/dragon/playlist/manly/manly02.mp4 2,536,312,937 normal transferring.
    17:25:07 elapsed 01:23:00 left 95.7% 2,429,599, bytes
    Above is still transferring please hold for that one from and at DragonDragon


    • I just got home from my class it’s for my dad please wait for this one until the Sony version is completely uploaded cheer’s bud. There is some more from my mum also there 3 more. I cried in this one listen to it.


    • {perilium-sith-disi-mum}
      I just bought a coke at Cole, its not a manner or behaviour you got to understand the body finger and understand the linguistic and a lot of other things. I’m not an art director I’m just a normal guy……….

      Above password is “epcbud”
      I just woke up the last one is 2% 275 minutes remaining there’s only 2 left for this one 1 is recorded from the filezilla to upload the Ross house one it’s still uploading the other one is a dance movement from the song “connect government.” From this way it was testing the signal also there’s a version of SONY to track the BIP as this a either a way from a sound card to detect the……..It’s kinda like scanning the vid clip to track the path and to include the imagery so in that way all of you probably already know that the way you design, create, movies then print it for a poster to advertise the movie on media. Doing so you can see the dot’s and work out how to solute the reference number of imagery to diagnose the path and to know the funds of wizard, what this means is overtime there is noway around the clock to understand the confession as in time there is no MAT from the sketch’s to know th e problems of interface to DOS and ROW and FUNDS and After Birth! – Now in this way there is no needed to reject the injections of drugs if there is no compound to time code the element of the needed then there’s is no needed to invest into the STOCK street and off bound the STOCK’s. If this is infected then where will it be? In this way how often can a produce……

      ROW 67
      Off out
      ROW 58
      Off out
      ROW 56
      Off out
      ROW 74
      Off out
      ROW division
      Kind spectrum
      Off out the order of rejection into a institution of your mind power if there's one. I don't think so as everyone work hard and play hard to offer the issues of rejections into the reference of 75 4 6 election of non pro-noun to service the fee of traction 75 GEEK the mode to AMDG25 4 8 into the EMP55 4 6 rolling around the clock to understand the needed into the traction of this 

      Above is not in heaven, what is heaven? Well, Well a simple thing is when we die there is no heaven right? So we draw birth certificate to locate the local post stamp into Jesus Christ!- That's what is it, as each similarity there is no need to invest into the track code of performance and work out the needed into the traction of 75 4 8 off out the reference number of this



    • /.|.\Tracking ISP1.division6/.|.\
      This one its taking ages to upload it I don’t know why, maybe one day I’ll be able to work it out.

      The peridic table is a transformer mate as in return there is no as-bought been smart ass and tight ass what this means so far is PC don’t swear what they do is pining into port and each USB3.75321986code192651153628asccitoroundfour

      Last night when I drove it explain that explanation please wait for this one as it means perilium>sith-disi-mum-dad-diplium
      then perilium>sith-disi-mum-dad-diplium-connect-goverment <- this one is for my dad the other one as when but this was when I had lunch with my hubby talking about Buddha and other stuff at "State of mind" and State Trustee etc.


    • I remember Cindy a lot YES I do lol in this way I told her about Alicia Keys, in this way I have told a few people when I was out I don’t have to write that one, you guys can in return this is one of my BEST ONE to import the imagery to perform the reference or nurse’s and know what to do, in this time where will you be? – Ahahahah this means in time you can import into China vs Indonesia and vs the European’s because the overdue amount is funding the transformation of each way it may work and listening to the program of soft tissues, if there no needed then you can’t confirm the detention from the pyramid table, this has not started Cindy one day it will so wait for this one.

      In return there is no need to confess the time sharing to import the degree and also share the market into the wall street! – hahahhaha as overtime due amount of money into the productions of service fee to code the system to Jesus and share art – that’s all so people who were or are born like that they will be happy as that is NOT the key it’s !important! <- This is also KEY CSS55.6nodeto55412653925107824573629divisionoftaxingagenttoknowthis5956old5556old5658old5753old5843old5946old1new5new3new7new56new57new3raybansnode5546837896325546317841562184563478574378215836917784556392100-completion!


  2. /.|.\Connect to the Government/.|.\
    Connect to the government – YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRATED – THAT’S WHAT GRACE SAID


    This was done the other day I think it’s yesterday it’s one of my fav song, YES mate’s its hard to work this one out to seiz the platform of time sharing before and after it may not die off, if this is allow then we will see the warm drum into the wave platform we have already made one with is the heatwave.


  3. {perilium-sith-disi-mum}
    Anyway I hope you guys enjoy my drive nationally the understand-ment of life is base on scenario I don’t know how to spell this word sorry about that I hope its right

    Complete! <- There's no audio in this one so I'm upload it to http://dragon.abraincodex.com/playlist/manly/20151021_204409_mum
    Uploading the SONY version for state trustees and state government please wait for this one if it doesn’t work then I’ll upload to the dragon playlist. From my PC it’s perilium>sith>disi>disi>diplium>connect_government


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