11 thoughts on “I remember everything

  1. I didn’t meet her though they gave me a CD about artist I threw it away in the bin and also booklets about http://happyyappers.com.au/

    Milly Parker I did spoke to her once she said to me “do you have lawyers?” I did say yes for some reason I did say to her “I am ABI she also said to me, me too my mum helps me (something like that))

    Also why is she with Tony Abbott’s?

    Smeaton-family-300x251 FXJ204080 url


  2. Did you know Mick Thorn and Lisa gave me the booklet with Milly on it about TAC and brain injury somewhere along that line. This was when I was at discovery hotel. Fuck Mick Thorn did you know what he did to me over the phone “I’LL WEAR GLASS BIG GLASS LIKE A SPY OR INVESTIGATOR”. When I meet him he had reading glasses on after that he took me close to the Peel.


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