Erin Brockovich-Ellis (born June 22, 1960) is an American legal clerk (a non-lawyer who assists    lawyers in their legal work) and environmental activist who, despite the lack of a formal law school education, was instrumental in constructing a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company  (PG&E) of California in 1993.


1. Erin, a twice-divorced single mother with three kids (Matthew, Katie, Beth).

2. Edward Masry, a senior lawyer in a private law firm ”Masry & Vititoe”.

3. George Halaby, a Harley Davidson biker, a boyfriend and a neighbour.

4. Ed Masry’s office staff: Brenda. Donald, Anna, Rosalinda.

5. Mr. Scott, a desk clerk of Lahotah Regional Water Board.

6. Mr. Foil, a lawyer of PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric corporation).

Hinkley Ca. residents:

7. Donna and Pete Jensen, Ashley and Shanna (their daughters).

8. Mandy and Tom Robinson.

9. Bob Linwood.

10.The Desotos’.

11. Laura and Mike Ambrosino.

12. Pamela Duncan.

13. Rita and Ted Daniel, Annabelle (their daughter).

14. Nelsen Peres, a compressor station worker.

15. Charles Embry, used to work at the Hinkley plant.

16. Kurt Potter and Teresa Dellavalle, lawyers of a major law firm.


1)  Describe Erin’s physical aspect, the way she speaks, her manners, etc. Is our first impression misleading? Why?

2)  Speak about  Erin’s social background and her  living conditions. Why does she look for a job?

3)  How did she manage to find a job?

4)   Erin juggles her work and her family. How does Erin cope with her professional duties?

5)  Did she get any help from her colleagues? What might provoke such attitude towards her?

6)  Was Ed Masry right to say to Erin that she should rethink her wardrobe a little?


7)  What traits of Erin’s character helped her to gain popularity and win the victory?

8)  Speak about  the role of Erin’s children   and George in Erin’s life. Would Erin have reached the top without them?

9)  How did Hexavalent Chromium   affect…?

a)    domestic animals and birds

b)    people

c)     nature

10)   Define the problems of locals (Donna, Mandy and Tom, Annabelle, etc) who were speaking with Erin.

  11)What did Erin do to make PG&E pay for the damage it had done   to the people by using  Hexavalent Chromium?

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