The transmission

The transmission in between system information and speech communication channels during its first approach it can accesses to communicate within a short period of time commonly in real time data can be divided equally once it’s stored. Because of the condition frontal lobe itself alphabetically can’t relate into a multiple amount of information to produce a direct match particularly it only confirms the simplest communication translation sections that is call a transcriptions of pronunciation’s.


2 thoughts on “The transmission

  1. Each cell’s in the brain core connect to one another via lines from the corruption of the frontal lobe cell’s communication deliver by a single person only a certain portion is been transmitted for their first basic information between each other while the content that contains the same information it can only slowly processes to transfer to another.


  2. Human brain is the main core systems for the function of the human body parts it also control’s the way we communicate within ourselves and to other’s by itself depending on whatever their information is about it try to work out the understanding of words starting from basic’s words it calculate and formulate the meaning of it usually the more complex it is, it cannot transit correctly because the cells from the frontal lobe has been corrupted.


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