Listen and Learn

Do you know what this means? It doesn’t mean anything really its just a fundamental of awareness once you comply with your mark up language to defense the string of 24 which is not a conclusion it is an element of design who and whom thunder the bolt to storm the array of 256 which conclude itself into an a hole before and after it dies off. This version has no manner to conclude the string of 24 which also means the element of design has been given by papa is it? – Not really

To conclude this version I myself have to understand the awareness once it has been given by a name call “Sam” – to export a degree of your ansister before and after you die off which is NOT a version its just YOU to exclude the awareness of transgender which is NOT a bitch you know what I mean?

To export this you have to be warn to listen to the sound of each percentages of money before and after it goes off which conclude the array of 296 (ah) to do this you have to understand the procedure to exclude the math of witch which will line itself into the array of 254 (conclusion) – The conclusion is not finish yet you know why the awareness has no warmth in growth before it plays a machine of trannies but after it does it, it may not listen to learn this is what I mean at the moment.

To export a percentages of value you cannot indicated the ignition to listen and to learn a percentages of value you know why its not base of confusion its just a matter of time to export into an oversea guess before it wears off which also means the conversion has no awareness to mathematically profound a clue to maximize the condition of method. Which also exclude the degrade material before it string itself into the fundamental awareness. To time this it may profound an elementary of nature without working together. The awareness belongs to a certain pattern? Not really maybe one day I’ll work it out to see what has been done what I am writing at the moment its simple isn’t it?

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